fire cadetsIn 1993 the FAA opened a sponsorship opportunity in California to build and manage an ARFF training center. The training center was considered a high priority for the Western Region and put on a fast tract to completion. The FAA expected the construction to the training center to be funded and construction completed in five years. Thirteen years later the San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center or "SBRETC" doors are open to the needs of the ARFF communities. The training center is owned and operated through a joint power agreement between San Bernardino Community College District and the San Bernardino County Fire Department. Our staff of instructors are seasoned firefighters with a great deal of experience through military fire protection, municipal fire protection, hazardous materials and rescue experts. Our curriculum is based on national standards through National Fire Protection Association "NFPA", International Fire Safety and Training Association "IFSTA", Federal Aviation Regulations, advisories circulars and a lot of experience.

Our facility is state-of-the-art, designed for your comfort and training experience. The center has the latest in audio and visual technology in the classroom and on the drill grounds. The classroom can record both audio and visual components of the training, and the drill grounds will record from four cameras all the hands-on-training. When the training is completed a recorded copy of the training is sent home with the group via a DVD.